Will Microsoft be irrelevant 20 years from now? Probably …

Will Microsoft be irrelevant 20 years from now? Probably …

An incredible milestone in the history of computing – Internet Explorer marketshare falls below 50% for the first time -  http://bit.ly/dnxP1A – This is great news for consumers.  For several decades, Microsoft has had a strangle-hold on desktop computing and IE was a way to extend this dominance to the Inrternet world too.  Thankfully, things are not going in the direction MSFT intended.  My view is that for long, MSFT has stifled innovation through it's monopoly power and there was a fear that this would continue in an Internet computing economy.  Given the latest numbers on the browsers, and companies like Google and Facebook growing stronger by the day, the fear can perhaps be put to rest.  I will personally sleep better knowing that Internet computing will be charcaterized by healthy competition.

Now if only somebody could find a way to challenge Google’s control of Internet advertising.  Facebook, are you listening?

8 thoughts on “Will Microsoft be irrelevant 20 years from now? Probably …

  1. Very true,
    Although all my life i am with Open Software like Linux, I have found that Microsoft(MS) has done wonderful leverage where the base desktop in most of the Orgs is MS and so the dependency of applications created by major giants (Microsoft Compatible).
    Yes, for sure when it comes to IE, i found Firefox much better in terms of security and flexibility and again open source gives a bonus of add-on plugins.
    By all spiritual works by Bill around world, MS will sure survive coming up with competitive strategies to maintain hold at least on Desktops and Network servers, But never as Web Server which still is on Linux(Approx 90% & Above).

  2. Well, definitely Microsoft has not been an ethical company and have paid the price for that. But Microsoft has been the pioneer in reinventing and revolutionizing computing like never before. Creating a groundbreaking invention is the true hallmark of innovation ! Improvising on it is the easiest part – Beacuse – There is always scope for improvement. I would really like MS to be around for a more hundred years !
    PS: MS EXCEL just turned 25 years. Do watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAAbxBsxhC8

  3. Where MicroSoft will be in 20 years? Interesting Topic: Well in my personal views MicroSoft is trying to capture the market through enhancements of existing projects. The newness & innovation in terms of launch of New Products & Services seems to be missing. MicroSoft has madly fallen in love with what they had created decades back so much so that they are continuously failing to accept the changing dimensions in Technology. All they are doing is hunting for new business; for M&A and Partnerships, and even in its pursuit of business acquisitions the management lack the smartness like that of Google, FB is learning it fast though and thinking beyond Social-networking. I can bet the management of MicroSoft won’t have any answers to what Microsoft will be doing 10 years from now, except talking on their ongoing big projects. It’s must for them to include few Non-tech and not-too-educated guys in their Brainstorming sessions and let them do some R&D and allow the smart Techies to observe and convert the behavior into IT projects; that’s how something new will come up and not through well-managed procedural work-environment and selling through Push-strategies. Microsoft’s existence will very well under question by 2015… no one has to wait for another 20 years.
    Well wisher of Microsoft and Bill Gates ‘the well know philanthropist’ – Vivek K Gupta

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