7/13 Mumbai attacked yet again

It is with a heavy heart that I write this note. Just as Mumbai was slowly beginning to gain confidence, terror struck again. Like you, the disgust, agony and helplessness I feel is overwhelming and is beyond words. Perhaps the only silver lining is that all my family, friends, and fellow-employees in People Group are safe.

While we may not have the circle of influence to fix the broader issues in our country, maybe we can all do some things in our own small ways. Here are a few thoughts –

– Let’s not fan rumors. If you do not have confirmed news about something do not send chain emails and smses. They tend to create panic.

– If we happen to find ourselves in an unfortunate incident, let’s promise ourselves that we will help others. All too often people are too busy taking pictures rather than providing support.

– Let’s ensure that we will report any unidentified and suspicious package in any public place immediately.

– As a family unit, friend's circle, or as an organization, we should all plan how we would react in crisis situations.

Please think about what else we can do in our individual capacities and share your thoughts. Also, please observe 2 minutes in prayer for victims and their near and dear ones.

3 responses to “7/13 Mumbai attacked yet again

  1. Good suggestions! Also, rather than getting annoyed we must understand that frisking at malls, cinemas and hotels is important for our safety. Such measures are just eyewash for many and with the kind of attitude of the security personnel, trust me they won’t find a weapon or a bomb even if it’s present. Please report if you find frisking not happening the right manner – who knows you might land up saving yours and many other lives.

  2. It certainly is the duty of each & every citizen to cooperate if there any good the administration or the law and order authorities are into; This not only helps us — it rather makes everyone’s job easier ensuring safety.
    Good Governance should not simply the demand; Let us Ask ourselves – How much we can contribute to it, at the first place,
    with our own action!
    People, if get responsible themselves– they certainly can ensure others to fall in line……thanks for your idea!…. just tried to make it more to it when found your idea has some teething troubles.
    Nevertheless, the credit goes to you, Brother.

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